Horse riding scene with Tuscan medieval landscape.

Horse Hunting Scene with Medieval Tuscan Landscape. Painting by Silvia Salvadori.

Sizes: 65 x 55 cm

Categories: Middle Ages



This painting made by the artist on commission is a horse-riding scene set in Tuscany. The scene was drawn from ancient French tapestries and views of the landscapes of the Early Renaissance. In the center there are three figures, two ladies and a horse rider in the act of hunting a deer. Around the main figures there is a typical Tuscan landscape full of botanical elements, characterized by lush oak trees, streams, ponds rich in flora and fauna. In the background, a golden sky opens, surrounded by voluminous clouds illuminating the gentle hills of the Siena countryside between medieval castles, small villages and ancient mills. Silvia Salvadori, in this rich composition, tried to emphasize the naturalistic element since in the Middle Ages man had a complex and articulated landscape in front of him, where the cultivated forest ("bosk", term of Germanic origin) , occupied spontaneous forest spaces and where vineyards, fields and meadows created crevices in the vegetable mantle. In addition to the study of the landscape, Silvia lovingly recreates the dresses and horses' sketches in a perfect medieval style, using glittering and original colors, adorned with decors that we easily find in portraits of girls and ladies of the time. Every animal in this scene lives in its natural context, inviting it to contemplate every single detail.

Autore: Painting by Silvia Salvadori.
Sizes: 65 x 55 cm
Technique: Tempera on Gold Leaf 23k.

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