Biccherna, noble wedding

Biccherna by Sano di Pietro. Author's copy by Silvia Salvadori.

Artistic reproduction made with tempera and pure gold on wood. Work performed with the ancient pictorial techniques of the Sienese school of the fifteenth century.
Sizes: 54 x 38 cm

Categories: Sienese Renaissance



Painting by Silvia Salvadori. Biccherna, Noble Wedding. Painted in tempera and pure gold on an ancient table according to the ancient recipes of the Sienese school. Decorations engraved on gold. Biccherna from Sano di Pietro depicting a scene of 'noble wedding' of Sienese nobles. The chronicles of the time tell of the opulence of this marriage, for which "the Municipality of Siena gave the bride a basin, a mug and a silver cup, worth over one hundred ducats". The scene refers to a specific moment of the wedding ceremony: the gift of the ring. Biccherna identical to the original Biccherna preserved in the State Archives of Siena. Biccherna - Art Reproduction from Sano di Pietro.
Autore: State Archive of Siena
Sizes: 54 x 38 cm
Technique: Tempera and pure gold (decorated and engraved) on a poplar table.

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