Icon Angel Art reproduction

Annuncing Icon Angel Gabriel. Icon Angel Art reproduction.  I paint italian icons traditional of the sienese e florentine school  in exceptionally high quality. All my Icons are hand painted in egg tempera and 23K gold leaf on gesso and ancient wood panel. I using the same precious pigments, es: blu lapislazuli, yellow zafferano, red cochinel, green malachite, powdered gold and pure gold leaf. My art works are unique and very accurate in the smallest details.
Misure: 25 x 30 cm

Categorie: Rinascimento fiorentino



Icon Art reproduction Annuncing Icon of the Angel Gabriel. Painting executed with the most ancient italian painting technicques of the early Renaissance. Tempera and pure gold on ancient table. Refined burin decoration on gold. Hight goldsmithing. Application of precious stones. 
Autore: Icon Art Reproduction
Misure: 25 x 30 cm
Tecnica: Tempera and gold on wood

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