Nothing but words of Gratitude and Wisdom pass through your mouth.

Feed your heart with the Power of the Word. Pay attention, my sweet Sister.

A red thread connects the senses to the Heart. Expand and attract what you feed it with. This is the Power of the Heart. "


(Poem by Daniela Libanori)






“Violence against women is any act of gender-based violence that causes physical, sexual, psychological harm or suffering to women, including threats, coercion or arbitrary deprivation of freedom”.

So the Article 1 of the UN declaration reads as follow on the subject.

Unfortunately, daily news tell us that we are still far from solving the problem and women with disabilities are also at the expense. Silvia Salvadori's personal painting entitled “I am one, I am all. Never again on the fringes. " is dedicated to such women.

It’s part of an exhibition organized at the Energy House of Arezzo by the UICI. An inclusive exhibition as it should always be, accessible to all, involving one of the most sensitive and appreciated artists in the Tuscan landscape.

Known for several years for the use of the pictorial techniques handed down by Cennino Cennini in his "Book of the art" of the early fifteenth century, which allow her to give life to works inspired by medieval, gothic and Renaissance art, Silvia Salvadori has been renovating for some time her language with the introduction of elements that also refer to the twentieth century’s avant-garde.

The exhibition is, thus, an opportunity to shed light on the recent production ad well as to show ten works united by the desire to investigate the female universe in all of its complex aspects.

The myth is faced with the charming "Minerva", protector of the arts and symbol of wisdom,then we have the enigmatic "Sirens" stiring feelings of freedom and seduction, and finally the majestic "Energy", a sort of Mater Matuta that generates life, which through light defeats darkness.

There are also tributes to the art of the past as in "A window on time", which refers to the hieratic Pierfranciscan figures, "Fiat Lux", which inserts a Botticellian iconography in a landscape that goes  towards abstraction, and "Italy” ( tribute to Gino Severini), which blends Renaissance-style elements with futurist echoes.

Religion is addressed in "The Magdalene's Journey", a story of redemption that becomes liberation for the whole humankind; while in "Akoya" Italy and Japan meet for a result of rare effect. "Marilyn Monroe", a tribute to a film icon, is the pretext for denouncing the hypocrisy behind the masks that the female planet is forced to wear, where smiles can hide pain.

Finally, in the work entitled "The heart of women", the artist invites people to nourish the soul with the power of vision, sound and word.


‘I am one, I am all. Never again on the fringes’ is an exhibition that touches your heart, makes you think and starts a virtuous path in the name of art that has its goal in a new way of thinking, in which discrimination and gender-based violence are relegated to a distant world towards which no one will ever feel nostalgia for.

Marco Botti