The Minerva of Arezzo

In this painting Silvia Salvadori lays the foundations for a new language that wants to be a poetic declaration at the same time: a temple for art, an initiatory place. The Minerva is for Silvia a tribute to Arezzo and its symbols.

Silvia's work is an opportunity for infinite poetic metaphors. Closed between its flowing golden lines, the dominant note of the painting is indigo blue and ultramarine blue green (pigments by Cennino Cennini) of the veil, which waving evokes the movement of water to symbolize the secret movements of nature.


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The medieval and modern style are to be considered moments of a fundamental transition and a reached creative maturity.

In Minerva's painting, we find the abandonment of atmospheric pictorial values ​​and the choice of a rigid and flattened spatiality, of interlocking compositions between naturalistic elements, ornamental motifs and precious materials, of a search for refinement and harmony that does not release tension but concentrates it, setting it like a jewel.

In Silvia Arezzo thus becomes a magical city immersed in a lunar landscape with a dreamlike charm, where its main monuments and places of worship become a demonstrative symbol of a city with a glorious and unforgettable past.

Minerva becomes a sovereign figure set in a precious surface like a jewel, an icon of a new cult. Gold is for Silvia the maximum representation of her "golden style" but also a timeless material of the continuous search for royal beauty. The peculiarity of the "Golden style" does not consist for Silvia only in the massive use of pure gold in leaf and powder, but above all in the structural role that this assumes in her painting. In fact, if, as in the Byzantine mosaic, gold in Silvia wants to transfigure reality, fix the image in an eternal sublime transcendence by freezing it in the perfection of metal as in the technique used by Simone Martini, Gentile da Fabriano and Gustav Klimt.

Original: Painted by Silvia Salvadori © 2021
Technique: Tempera on a pure gold background 32 carat

Minerva, Goddess symbol of freedom and the arts, in Silvia Salvadori's painting becomes a place of celebration of the woman as a powerful priestess of her Universe. The golden scaled cuirass completely engraved on the thin golden sheets enhance its strongly spiritual character, while the golden mirror-shield and the snake symbolize its Prudence.

In her we find the modern idea of ​​the representation of a face combined with the representation of an ancient Tuscan landscape, a symbol of a distant past, where gold evokes the original depth of a land that preserves its light in the womb.

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