In this work, the artist Silvia Salvadori wanted to represent the female archetype of the woman, mother and generator of the universe and of life.



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The woman, like a contemporary Mater Matuta, recalls Aurora, daughter of the titan Hyperion and of Teia, sister of the Sun and the Moon (which can be seen golden on the bottom).

It contains within itself the 4 elements, air, water, earth and fire: it is precisely in the latter in which it is immersed, but it does not torment it because it is part of it.

Aurora's mantle is blue, a blue that recalls the Sky that she radiates with Light with her Beauty. The gold present in the table and the triangles recall the fire, the golden engine, from which everything is born and regenerated.

Quoting Fulcanelli, an author of twentieth century alchemy books “Igne Natura Renovatur Integra” = fire renews nature.

Aurora, dressed in a blue mantle that recalls the Sky, is inserted in an energetic portal (the lines recall the art of the Viennese Gustav Klimt), and from her hands a Light radiates, the principle of Life (Fiat Lux) , meaning that all that is of the nature of light rises naturally towards It.


Autore: Painted by Silvia Salvadori © 2021

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