Fiat Lux

Texts by: Anna Maria Parlato historian and art critic


Fiat Lux et Lux fuit: God said that there was light and there was light. Fiat is the first expression of the Old Testament and is also the main verb of the first sentence pronounced by the Mother of God in the Gospel texts.


It is the beginning of everything, in the Bible and in the New Testament the same Latin verb is pronounced by the Virgin Mary in response to the angel of the Annunciation: "Ecce ancilla Domini, fiat mihi secundum verbum tuum. Et discessit ab illa angelus ”. This is what Mary replies to the angel on the day of the Annunciation. Here is the servant of the Lord. In fact, "ancilla" really means servant, slave. His words - reported in the Gospels - underline an evident subjection.

Sizes: 30x36 cm

Categories: Arte Moderna



Original: Painting by Silvia Salvadori
Sizes: 30x36 cm
Technique: Painted on linen canvas. Egg tempera painting on a pure gold background.

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