Marilyn Monroe tempera gold Painting

Portrait of Marilyn Monroe in Gold by Silvia Salvadori


Renaissance Pop Art series.


Limited Edition.


The painter Silvia Salvadori, once again comes out of her comfort zone, to portray the Icon par excellence, immortalized by the greatest contemporary artists, one above all Andy Warhol , who happens to be a previous portrait painted by the artist from Arezzo, also him torn between the public figure linked to excesses, not his own and the shy Andy Warhol who would have liked to be a prince charming but who died a virgin ...


and also his two worlds Silvia was able to make them converge in a single image. As with Andy Warhol, everything starts from a photograph that Silvia Salvadori manages to reproduce with techniques that only she is the master of, and perhaps this is also the secret of the faces painted by her brush, which although unquestionably resembling the original, seem to acquire a light new face ... Remember that one thing is the Marilyn Monroe moving on set, another the blonde girl trying to live a normal life out of the spotlight. Once the writer Truman Capote caught her looking in the mirror and when asked what she was doing, she replied "I look at her".


Incredibly, the actress could walk undisturbed in New York without anyone recognizing her, then suddenly she changed her attitude, step, look and then everyone stopped her to ask her for an autograph.


She used to admit with a smile: “I wanted to be Marilyn Monroe for a moment”.

Art Critic.

Alessio Musella 





Sizes: 33x37,5 cm

Categories: Portrait



Tempera painting on a pure gold background entirely engraved with a burin and depicting the celestial vault with its zodiac sign of Gemini.  
Autore: Silvia Salvadori
Sizes: 33x37,5 cm
Technique: Egg tempera painting . Tempera and gold painting

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