Noli me tangere

Noli Me Tangere. Reproduction of art by Silvia Salvadori.

Sacred icon made with tempera and pure gold on wood. Work performed with the ancient pictorial techniques of the Sienese school of the fifteenth century.
Sizes: 22 x 21 cm

Categories: Sienese Middle Ages



Painting by Silvia Salvadori. "Noli me Tangere". Icon painted in tempera and pure gold on an ancient table according to the ancient recipes of the Sienese school. Silvia Salvadori paints unique works of art using the ancient pictorial techniques of medieval Tuscan art. The gold used by Silvia Salvadori is a sheet of pure gold and the colors are of the highest quality prepared by the artist through long alchemical processes. Silvia Salvadori recreates the same hides as a medieval artist with the aim of reviving an ancient lost art. "Noli me tangere". Detail of a painting taken from a "Biccherna" by Giovanni di Paolo. Icon on a gold background. Reconstruction of the Sienese landscape and reinterpretation of other details, the face of Mary Magdalene, the Sienese landscape enriched by numerous tree varieties, flowers and fruits that recall the Passion of Christ.
Autore: Drawn from a painting by Giovanni di Paolo. Siena, State Archives
Sizes: 22 x 21 cm
Technique: Tempera and pure gold on an ancient table.

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