Between Sky and Sea

The Siren recalls and evokes fantasies, dreams and memories that have always been in us. The sirens emerge in the thoughts as iconic images of an imaginary tale never dormant. They awaken deep feelings of freedom, beauty, mystery and love. The sea in Silvia Salvadori's painting becomes a symbol of life and even death, while the water element becomes a metaphor for the unconscious and a lunar femininity intimately connected with water.





The dominant color of the blue of infinity associated with the sky and the sea becomes the highest representation of the Divine, of transcendence and of the spirit. In medieval iconography it was often combined with gold to represent the Light itself. The celestial symbolism of the blue color is directly connected to an ascending and vertical thought. On this "height of thought" the three sirens form a triad, where the siren in the center rushes upwards kissing the sky, home of all ideas. Finally, as in an eternal passage from darkness to light, Silvia Salvadori's painting becomes a real journey into the depths of the psyche. The shell represents the moon and the hope of rebirth after death.

Original: Painting by Silvia Salvadori
Technique: Egg Tempera Painting

In medieval Christian symbolism, the siren also becomes the symbol of Mary Magdalene and the most enigmatic image is found in Metz (France) which belonged to the Merovingian Franks. The symbol of Jesus is represented in the Ichthus, or the fish, while the Magdalene in the siren. The sacred couple continues to exist for a long time also in the Christian artistic tradition and was often represented in numerous French and Italian churches. Similar medieval representations can be found in numerous places in northern and central Italy (Tuscania). These centers, all located on the Via Francigena, once the Etruscan pilgrimage route of Fanum Voltumnae di Bolsena, later became a favorite destination in the Middle Ages of the Christian pilgrimage to the Holy Land and protected by the Knights Templar and similar orders.

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