28 November 2019

from ArtsLife - Silvia Eleonora Salvadori: journey into the ancient Tuscan art workshop

Silvia Eleonora Salvadori's works mix medieval art, Renaissance and Gothic influence.

Arezzo, a city with medieval charm, has one of the few shops in Italy, if not the only one and with an exquisite seventeenth-century style, where the ancient pictorial techniques handed down to us by Cennino Cennini and Giorgio Vasari are used. We are talking about the Bottega d’Arte Toscana, by the teacher and artist Silvia Eleonora Salvadori whose works draw inspiration not only from Medieval art, but also from Gothic and early Renaissance art in Florence and Siena. Her sacred and profane characters, architecture and landscapes are not only faithfully reproduced on commission, but also revisited with an accuracy and delicacy that clearly show the skills of the artist, whose style recalls that of Simone Martini and Duccio di Buoninsegna.
Her works are like fairytale atmospheres that come to life and project us into that ancient and distant world in contact with saints, ladies and knights. The care she pays on her works is such that, by gently touching them, it is possible to feel the consistency of what they represent, instead of simple, albeit meticulous brush strokes.

The soft colors, the use of precious stones and pure gold give an unrivaled royalty to each subject. Her works perfectly embody Silvia's character and sensitivity, and it is as if she were in every one of her works and instills a spark of life. Quoting the art historian Annamaria Parlato: «(...) Silvia in her art, and her ability to experiment and to wisely search for knowledge now lost, manages with a gentle soul to revive in her historiated tables, the "manner" of the Masters who made art history great". The artist and entrepreneur Silvia Eleonora Salvadori, (Sinalunga 1978) graduated from the Duccio di Buoninsegna Institute of Art, graduated in Archeology from the University of Siena and in 2004 obtained a European master's degree in Conservation and Cultural Asset Management. Curator of exhibitions and collections not only in Italy but also abroad, she is also a fine physiognomist, a specialization she also uses to reproduce not only human faces, but also animals.
Her Bottega in Arezzo, which can also be visited by reservation, is a magical treasure chest from which she herself extracts, indeed like treasures, the countless colors that go paint each of her works.   Published on : "ArtsLife" https://artslife.com/2019/11/28/silvia-eleonora-salvadori-viaggio-nellantica-bottega-darte-toscana/